Monday, November 28, 2011

Hobo Bag (or Hippie Tote)

Using the reversible tote instructions that I used on my first tote-bag, I created this reversible Hobo Bag:

I have wanted a bag like this forever! I plan to take it to the farmer's market, to fit into my fantasy scenario that has me wandering the stalls every weekend.  Unfortunately I don't go to the farmer's market too often, since it means driving out of my way (thus I have my own lovely garden). But I can and will take this bag there on my occasional trips, AND to the grocery store.

You can see I was playing around on with these two photos, because I took them with my daughter's i-phone and the lighting was awful (insert i-phone lust <here>, she is paying for it herself but do you think her PARENTS could get one?  nope, lol).
Okay, not this bag, because Beesha (said i-phone holder) just claimed it for her school books.

Here is all the pinning I had to do:

Then the sewing.  What you see here is me adding a length to the bags because I didn't measure the width of the bag handles to the width of the bag itself. No, you won't see many, if any, pictures of that debacle!

But actually I'm not thrilled with it because I didn't take into account that with the fix the handle would be SUPER long!!

I'm such a newbie at sewing but I have so much fun doing it. I will be making a few more of these bags and I'll post a tutorial, since they are a little different than the original tote.

I hope you get the chance to be creative today! 

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Fun and Give-Away Winner!

First some party photos from this weekend, then on to the AMAZON GIFT-CARD GIVEAWAY!

This past weekend I had the privilege to be in attendance at my nephew's wedding.
 Isn't this the cutest photo ever?? This is my nephew & his bride right after the wedding vows.
They look so very joyful!

My nephew, a widower, has a young son, and this wonderful family lit the candles together.

I was also lucky enough to spend some time with my amazing family who live far from me!

And look at these cake pops!
They were each shaped like tiny little fancy two-layer wedding cakes!
Aren't they adorable!?  The bride chose this instead of traditional wedding cake for the guests.  They tasted absolutely delicious, you could tell they were NOT made from a mix (says the Mix-Queen, I)...

A wonderful time was had by all!!  

Now, onto the GIVE-AWAY WINNER!!  

This was Noreen at who said:

Swedie said...
A Christmas tradition I loved as a child was for all the family to gather at my Grandparents' house on Christmas Eve. That tradition continued at my parents' house with all their children and grandchildren.

Congratulations, Noreen!  You've won the Amazon Gift Card!  
I will contact you by email to make sure I have your email correct, 
and then you will see your gift card in your email box!  

Thank you all SO MUCH for stopping over and playing!!  

I love a good excuse for a party!!  Now if only I could get my camera hooked up to my son's laptop (yup, still haven't fixed my pc since the flood), 
I could actually put up some photos of my crafts!  

I hope to have something up soon, and in the meantime, 
I hope you get the chance to do something creative today!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm stillll heeeere! $20 Amazon Giveaway

Yes, I'm still around.  RECENTLY I've gotten some crafting done - imagine that! I will post those projects this week.  In the meantime, one of my favorite blogs, Sew Many Ways, is hosting a blog giveaway link party, and I'm hosting a $20 Amazon gift card blog giveaway.

Isn't that an awesome idea for a link party?? 
So go check out some blogs and win something!!  

BUT not before you play MY giveaway.  I have no reason to do a giveaway except that I LOVE parties!!!  So grab a drink and some hors' d'eouvres, and comment below.  Here is the party game: 
  1. Share your favorite holiday tradition (any holiday) in a comment box on this post!  It can be something you have done, or just something you would like to do. 
  2. Be a follower or become a follower of Kitchenfunk. If you are already a friend(follower), then just make sure one of your posts tell me you are. 
  3. You get 3 comments to yourself, the follower comment counts in those 3 chances. The other two should be traditions you love!

I will be emailing the WINNER the link to the Amazon card, 
so DON'T forget that email address or to make sure you have a profile!

This party will run until Thursday, November 21st, at 7pm. NOW Let's start this party!