Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oreo Cookie Bites

~ KIDS in the KITCHEN ~

Plus: More Adventures with my Magic Bullet!

I have a new recipe I'd like to share. I spotted this in a magazine last weekend and I can NOT remember where I saw it, or I would happily give credit. The recipe is very simple and AMAZING. Its also fun to make with KIDS!

Oreo Cookie Bites:

* 8oz softened cream cheese
* one package of Oreo cookies
* Milk Chocolate Chips
* White Chocolate Chips

Prepare your work area. You will need to place waxed paper onto two cookie sheets. You'll also need either a plastic bag and mallet or a food processor.

Crush the Oreo Cookies. I used my magic bullet, trying both blades, but it took some time and didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped. If you don't have a food processor, I would recommend putting the cookies into a plastic Ziploc bag and crush them with a mallet. I used the Magic Bullet because I wanted to be sure the cookies were finely crushed. I don't really know if it was worth using that particular machine to blend them. Either pressing the button or crushing them in a bag, the kids will like this part.

After you have crushed the cookies, blend them with the softened cream cheese. You can use a wooden spoon or your food processor for this part. Both you AND the kids can do this.

I have a picture to show you of the crushed Oreo cookies mixed with the cream cheese but really, it doesn't look that great. You don't really want to see it. It looks like mud. But I assure you it tastes great!

Now for this step you will find that your kids either love or hate to do this: Use a spoon to take a small amount of the cookie mixture from the bowl. Using your hands, form small bite-sized balls out of the cookie mixture and place them on the cookie sheets. Place the sheets into the freezer to sit for a bit while you prepare the melted chocolate. Your hands WILL get messy!

Wash your hands for this next step. This step involves heat so an adult should do this. Melt the chocolate chips. You can do it on the stove or in the microwave. I melted the milk chocolate chips on the stove but melted the white chocolate chips in the microwave wave. Even food cooked in the microwave can give a severe burn, so be sure to be careful! Plus, overcooking chocolate is never a good idea.

One you have the chocolate melted, dip the cookie balls into the chocolate and allow them to sit on the cookie sheets until each ball is coated with milk chocolate. Melt the white chocolate and use a spoon or a fork to drizzle it on top of the chocolate covered Oreo balls. The white chocolate drizzle is a fun thing for the kids to do.

Place the cookie sheets back into the freezer or into the fridge until the chocolate is firm. After the chocolate has hardened, you can remove them from the cookie sheets and store them in the fridge for a while or even freeze them for a few months.


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