About Me

Jer 29:11

   Hi and thanks for popping in! 

I started this blog because I wanted to show off some of the fun things we were learning from all the wonderful blogs out there! You will find that if I am aware of it, I will ALWAYS link up to give a site credit for showcasing something or teaching us something else.  Starting in January 2012, I will be posting something only twice a week, but every week.  

If I even THINK I saw it somewhere else, I will mention that.  If I don't mention it, and don't give any credit, then I THINK I made it up myself, lol.  But this doesn't mean I did, so please let me know if you saw it somewhere else.  I want to highlight the creative people who share their great ideas with everyone. 

Go ahead, make some time and be crafty!

Here is a little bit about me:

My husband and I have 4 wonderful children - one boy and 3 girls.  Two of them are in college (OMG).  

In 2009 I received my bachelor's degree in Art History with a minor in Computer Design. I have a number of favorite art periods but my biggest interest is in the psychology behind the art of the 20th century.  Particularly the first half of the century.  I could go on but I don't want to scare anyone away...

I started this blog because my daughter got me hooked on reading craft/decorating blogs! I was SO inspired by them that we talked about doing a year of crafts and decorating from all of the blogs we were reading.

I found that even me, a crafter who is seriously Decorating-Challenged, can make my house a little prettier by following the tips found on our favorite blogs. I am using my blog to keep me crafting - inspiring me to keep some fun and creativity in our busy lives.

I am optimistic and outgoing. I am a painter and a sculptor. And while I am NOT a great decorator, I enjoy crafts of any kind! 

I have an amazing hubby, great friends, and great kids, and I'd be lost without them. I've been known to hyperventilate while driving past yard sales, and swoon while in craft stores.  My hubby comes from a sewing family so he is completely supportive when we walk out of the fabric store with BOLTS of fabric... He is just waiting for the day when I ask him to add a room onto the house for the craft supplies.  In the meantime, I've put my new sewing machine in the family room so I can sew and craft with everyone nearby, and they can join in if they like! 

When my children were little, my friends and I were all new to the area, and to get to know one another we had unofficial craft parties.  Someone would plan the craft and the rest would add snacks, and while the children played together we would craft together - and build our friendships.  

I am friends with those women today.   See what being creative can do?  Creativity adds beauty, laughter, and friendships to our lives.  And maybe we can extend that to the drudgery of our work lives as well, and bring some of those attributes everywhere we go.  I hope so!

Finally, I am also a Christian, learning to share my faith.  

I hope you get a chance to be creative today!