Thursday, October 20, 2011

My New Bento Boxes... Yay!

I haven't checked in here for a number of reasons, mostly because I haven't been able to craft lately and this is, after all, my crafting blog.

But I miss being over here where things are light and fun, so I HAVE been reading blog posts, even though I haven't been posting here.

I just wanted to say that if any reads this and wants to know how my Laptop Lunchboxes are working out, I can give you lots of great testimony!  The kids are finding it fun to pack, and I've been inspired to buy or make some foods to make changing up the boring lunch a FUN lunch. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bento Boxes

turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, carrots, olives, celery sticks and tomatoes with ranch dressing, summerwhite peaches, and yogurt with strawberries
Turkey & Swiss, veggie stix, peaches, & yogurt with strawberries

I remember when Lunchables came out.  I thought the packaging was so cool, but but I refused to buy them too often.  Not just because of the salt content, but because what I was impressed with was actually the little tray they packaged the lunch in!  So at home I just put the same food items in baggies and throw them in a lunch sack and send the kids out the door.

apples,back to school,baloney,bread,brown paper bags,cheese,healthy eating,iStockphoto,milk,packed lunches,sandwiches
Just looks sort of boring compared to the top photo...
But I love the idea of a package designed like that, so I looked into the history of bento boxes - which are really just old fashioned Japanese lunch boxes. Instead of American style lunch boxes which consist of one large empty container, the bento box is a group of smaller containers - currently very similar to small Gladware containers.

I just think the different designs they have are so cute.  And I don't mean the panda style!  I like that it's a way to make lunch fun.  Even for a few months.  AND I like the fact that the portions are set, so the dietary intake is limited by the size of the containers.

So I did another search online and found:

Laptop Lunches Logo

I'm so excited!  I ordered two bento boxes like this:

Spinach Salad with Grilled Asparagus, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Fresh Cherries, Peach Bread

Okay, but WITHOUT the food!   And like this:

Sundried Tomato Hummus, Trail Mix, Pita Chips, Carrot Sticks, Pluot Halves

...and the little containers come with lids, and they also come in a rectangular lunchbox that closes.

I can't wait to use them this week!  Plus the company sent along a free recipe e-book... well, I thought it was a recipe book until I opened it.  It is actually an e-book organized by season, full of photos like those two above, listing the ingredients in each photo.  So while it is not exactly RECIPES it is INSPIRATION!  And I love it, too!

I'll let you know if they are as practical as they are CUTE!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Shrimpy blogger

In my last post I referenced other things that have been keeping me busy.  
I didn't tell all of them, though.  
It wasn't my kids (this photo is 2 of my 4 babies)...

Who start out small...

I DO have a wicked addiction.  
It is blogging!  Not to mention tweeting, but that's another story.

I love KitchenFunk, but the blog I have started that is nearest and dearest to my heart, though, is called... ~Creating Expectations~ 

Creating Expections will hopefully be a place parents can go to get tips on helping their children through school.

If even one parent reads it and gets inspired to work with their child and their child's school, then I will be thrilled.  So far it is a fledgling site, but I try to post on it or "Press" on it a few times a week.  Pressing is the term wordpress uses when you find an article you like on another site, and link it to your own.  This way you still give the original writer/blog their credit, but people can find it on your blog, giving you a post.

I hope to someday have other parents contribute to the site, adding their tips and views on working with their children and their schools.  Raising a child is hard enough without the added concern that they are falling short intellectually.  And for those parents who aren't aware that their child is not able to learn or is not learning what he needs to succeed, their are immense problems.  With the media's influence strengthening and parental focus straying, students today are at risk more than ever to lose their way.

Through Creating Expectations I hope to help parents understand that they MUST have a vision for their children's success, and that by keeping that vision in the forefront of their minds, they can guide their children to the future they desire...

And eventually grow up!

Oh, and if you are wondering why I called this post "Shrimpy blogger"?  No, I don't have a great new recipe.  It was Stouffer's Saute's for Two Cajun-Style shrimp Alfredo.  It was just the two of us eating tonight and it was GOOD (and it meant we didn't have to work - into the microwave it went...).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leftover Pot Roast

Okay, I have decided I cannot keep up with my crafting because I have some obsessions that I did not expect to have.  Take quilting.  I know many people understand this.

And I have a few other projects going on that I've committed myself to.  And since quilting is so enjoyable, most of my crafting has gone by the wayside.

But tonight I come to you (is there REALLY anybody out there?) looking for recipes for leftover pot roast!  I got a great deal on 2 large cuts, plus it was buy 1 get 1, so I have cooked them both, and I have lots of leftovers.  I'm trying to premake more meals since working full-time has sent my grocery bills skyrocketing. Help me if you can!

Here is my own list, and the recipes are included:

Steak Fajitas
Recipe & Photo from

Recipe & Photo from

Beef Pot Pie Beef Pot Pie
Recipe & Photo from

And I can't think of a single thing more!