Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Last night after work I was exhausted, so I grabbed a shower and when I got out my sister-in-law called. I was feeling relaxed, so I started to chat. An HOUR later I mentioned that I had to make dinner! We started talking about ingredients and she listed some for a recipe she loved. It brought to mind one of my favorites and I KNEW I'd have to make it for dinner as soon as I got off the phone. Easy and delicious!

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas!

I got this recipe two years ago from my friend Barrie, who, at that time, had maybe 3 recipes to her repertoire, they were complex but excellent. This was a new one she was adding because she wanted to try some fun new quick recipes to share with her significant other.

If you haven't made these before, they are super easy. Barrie makes it even more easy by using rotisserie chicken from the grocery store!! I was fortunate in that I had defrosted my chicken the day before, so it was ready to cook.

Here is the recipe, which you can tweak and make your own by adding things like sour cream, cream cheese, refried beans, rice, vegies, or ???

Okay, you start with cooked chicken, and use 2 forks to shred it. If you have to cut it, that's fine. Or you could cut then shred. :-)

Mix your hot sauce to taste - Barrie recommends about a half cup of buffalo sauce or hot wing sauce. I usually add lots more, then I think its still not hot enough, so I add more, and then I'm surprised when its SUPER hot! But we all still love it like that!

Anyway, add shredded cheddar cheese to the chicken and sauce mixture.

I'm sure you are following here how I just sort of throw things together!

Now at this point you just spread this onto a tortilla and make your quesadilla...

To make basic quesadillas I spread one side with margarine and lay it (spread side down) on a pre-heated griddle, then I spread on shredded cheese, and top that with another tortilla that has margarine on the top. Heat until the tortilla on the bottom gets toasty - they are better with a little browning - then flip. Be careful if you are using large tortillas!

I usually keep a can or two of refried beans in my pantry, and I often mix that in with the hot wing chicken, but last night I just added sour cream. They were delicious!

Just a note - sometimes I also use cooking spray instead of margarine.

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