Sunday, March 18, 2012

Painting Project

Can you guess what I'm working on?

Well, that's not much of a clue, so I'll have to tell you...

I'm painting the bathroom vanity and cupboard shelf in our main bathroom!

Now, here's the thing...

Despite my love of abstract or modern painting styles, I tend to keep things safe.  And I've stated here on this blog before that I am NOT good at decorating, so everything I've done over the past year has been inspired by the wonderful craft and decorating blogs here in blogland.

But this project is going to be wild.  

First my 17 year old chose coral, but I didn't like that idea so I suggested orange:


Of course, it is just the vanity we're painting.

Then pink was suggested - both the 15 yr and 17 yr liked that (me too):

vanity with bright pink drawers and doors
Photo from

The pink we liked was a lot darker.  But again was voted down unanimously.

So I started musing about being "safe" and I came up with something...  and I bought the paint today and will start the project when I get home from work. But in the meantime, here is a taste of a crazy artsy vanity. 


You can purchase this furniture by going to Mad Tea Party Furniture's Etsy shop HERE

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