Monday, December 27, 2010

Fun Stuff

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I've started this because I wanted to document some of the fun things I have envisioned I will cook in my kitchen in the upcoming year. We have a lot of plans for our kitchen in 2011, from cooking and crafting to remodeling, so I'm really excited!

I was already thinking about doing this when *Surprise!* on Christmas Eve my mother-in-law gave our family The Magic Bullet. My 2 youngest children SQUEALED with delight but since I have made a commitment to turning off the television whenever an infomercial comes on, I had never seen exactly what it can do.

My Magic Bullet Christmas present.

The only blender I have ever owned was a $40 Oster that couldn't even crush ice. I swore I would not buy another blender until I could put out the money for a fancy one.

Two days later I decided to open up the box and try out a recipe or two. A friend had given me some finely ground Italian coffee, so I decided to make cappuccino. It was so simple, there was no way to mess it up.

If you're not aware, cappuccino is espresso coffee with hot milk and milk froth. The froth is what looks like soap bubbles on the coffee in the picture. While I don't have an espresso machine, using the finely ground Italian beans in my coffee maker produced an amazing flavor.

After I brewed the coffee I poured a small amount of milk into the short cup (from the Magic Bullet kit) and closed it with the Cross Blade. Following the easy directions from the Magic Bullet package I blended (pushed down on the top of the "bullet") for about 10-15 seconds and then took the Cross Blade off and put the short cup into the microwave for about 55 seconds (remember, microwaves vary).
Once hot, I poured the liquid into the coffee, then used a spoon to put all of the froth that I could onto the brew. It was delicious! And while I know that I'm a very enthusiastic person I swear I can see myself doing this in the morning before work, and saving myself my trip to Starbucks that I take one or two days each week.

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