Thursday, December 30, 2010

My New Rice Cooker

So while we were in for the evening in Arlington I am reading a book by Roger Ebert called The Pot and How to Use It. Yes, this is Roger Ebert the movie critic. You may know this, but apparently Roger cannot eat solid food because of a tracheostomy that he elected to have done after numerous neck and throat surgeries due to cancer. Funny, but he still loves to cook and has written a book on one of his favorite tools – the rice cooker.

This book was on my Christmas list. I also wanted a rice cooker and my husband
bought both for me. I gave the rice cooker a try the other night. The thing about
the rice cooker is that you put in the rice, add the water, and flip a switch,and the pot knows what kind of rice it is (not really) but knows how much time it takes for the rice to be cooked. It then shuts off and you are supposed to leave the rice to sit in the pot for 15 more minutes.

The Rice Cooker my hubby bought me even though he hates giving appliances for gifts... 

During the cook-time I had to run out the door and my husband and son were both busy, so I told them not to worry about the rice cooker. They didn’t. The
rice was overdone. Hubby felt the rice was spongy. I have hope. I will post my
successes and failures as I persevere with this new appliance.

I THOUGHT the book was a recipe book. However, I can't say that it is. It does have some recipes in it, but it is mostly a book espousing the virtues of the Rice Cooker and why you should have one. I am hoping that I will feel the same way just as soon as I figure out how to use mine!

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