Sunday, December 4, 2011

3 Ways to Be a Super-Hero

My daughter is in LOVE with the Hippie Tote I made last week, and even though I have lots of requests for more from my other daughters and their friends, I have been trying to make some headway in my house - it's a wreck and I can't even set up for Christmas!

Oh! Did I tell you that I am going to have another Give-Away this week?

However, it takes me forever to get anything done, because I get so EASILY DISTRACTED (see above, lol).

In fact, recently I have been enlisted to be the newest super hero...Easily-Distracted Woman!

How did I do that?  Nice of you to ask!  By doing a few things...

#1.  Making MORE cookies... (recipe adapted from HERE)

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Craisin Cookies adapted from Smitten Kitchen

#2.  Making some pretty scarves...

 #3.  And I have ALSO been ignoring my cleaning and decorating because I've been using digital scrapbooking software, which I will be posting about here in the next few days.  I started playing around with digital scrap-booking after I went to that "crop" in the spring, because I just loved that I could create beautiful images and vignettes using my photos that I have in my computer.  I can't wait to show off what I'm working on!

So stayed tuned for THAT, and my next GIVE-AWAY!!


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