Monday, December 12, 2011

Party Food for Holiday Visits

With family visiting for the holidays, we have lots of food planned for the next few weeks. 

This weekend is no exception, we are finally decorating our tree.  Finally!  

So I am planning a menu.  I'm thinking maybe hot roast beef sandwiches and some brie and crackers, and something with fruit...  I know, this sounds  like a lot of trouble for just decorating the tree, but I have found that making an EVENT (key the music) out of something that really doesn't take a lot of time, keeps my teen and young adult children IN THE MOMENT for just a little longer.

One of the dips I am thinking of making is Hot Spinach and Artichoke: 
It is delicious, but it is a little overload on the Spinach is you aren't already a big fan.

For this you need:
1/2 pound of cooked bacon, crumbled
8 oz cream cheese
1 package frozen chopped Spinach (thawed/drained)
1 can marinated Artichoke hearts (drained)
1 cup Parmesan cheese
8 oz sour cream
1/2 cup mayo

Mix the cream cheese, beating until creamy.  Add all other ingredients and mix until smooth.
Bake at 400 degrees (preheated) for about 20 minutes, until hot and bubbly. 

I am definitely going to have veggies, too.  

 I love to play with veggies. ALL of my kids love them like this (NOT the hubby)... I made this last week and they ate almost all of it before the family came over.  I am going to put it out again this week long before I put out the roast beef. That way they will be sure to eat their vegetables!

Finally, I think the best thing I'm going to enjoy when we're decorating the tree will be 
Double Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Cookies!

These photos were taken by my daughter, Sarah, who will be making these cookies for me again this weekend, when she is home from college.  YUM, can't wait!  

To see Sarah, I mean.  


She makes THIS recipe using Dana's recipe from MADE (  

What are YOU making (or eating) for the holidays?? 

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  1. everything looks soooooo yummy!!! going to make the spinach dip (just leaving out the bacon and putting my soy bacon in there : ) i know it will be yummy!!! thanks for sharing ...hugs from your newest follower and thanks so much for dropping by the cottage market...i am thrilled to have you as a new friend!!! hugs...enjoy the day and keep on cookin!!!! : )

  2. Ooooo I just made spinach artichoke dip this past week-end --mine didn't have bacon in it though -- I'll have to remember that for next time! Looks yummy!
    BTW - thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  3. that all sounds delicious, I can't wait!! =)


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