Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leftover Pot Roast

Okay, I have decided I cannot keep up with my crafting because I have some obsessions that I did not expect to have.  Take quilting.  I know many people understand this.

And I have a few other projects going on that I've committed myself to.  And since quilting is so enjoyable, most of my crafting has gone by the wayside.

But tonight I come to you (is there REALLY anybody out there?) looking for recipes for leftover pot roast!  I got a great deal on 2 large cuts, plus it was buy 1 get 1, so I have cooked them both, and I have lots of leftovers.  I'm trying to premake more meals since working full-time has sent my grocery bills skyrocketing. Help me if you can!

Here is my own list, and the recipes are included:

Steak Fajitas
Recipe & Photo from

Recipe & Photo from

Beef Pot Pie Beef Pot Pie
Recipe & Photo from

And I can't think of a single thing more!


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  1. Sorry, I don't have any pot roast ideas, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header! It looks so good in black and white and the picture really describes what goes on at the kitchen table. LOVE IT!


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