Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bento Boxes

turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, carrots, olives, celery sticks and tomatoes with ranch dressing, summerwhite peaches, and yogurt with strawberries
Turkey & Swiss, veggie stix, peaches, & yogurt with strawberries

I remember when Lunchables came out.  I thought the packaging was so cool, but but I refused to buy them too often.  Not just because of the salt content, but because what I was impressed with was actually the little tray they packaged the lunch in!  So at home I just put the same food items in baggies and throw them in a lunch sack and send the kids out the door.

apples,back to school,baloney,bread,brown paper bags,cheese,healthy eating,iStockphoto,milk,packed lunches,sandwiches
Just looks sort of boring compared to the top photo...
But I love the idea of a package designed like that, so I looked into the history of bento boxes - which are really just old fashioned Japanese lunch boxes. Instead of American style lunch boxes which consist of one large empty container, the bento box is a group of smaller containers - currently very similar to small Gladware containers.

I just think the different designs they have are so cute.  And I don't mean the panda style!  I like that it's a way to make lunch fun.  Even for a few months.  AND I like the fact that the portions are set, so the dietary intake is limited by the size of the containers.

So I did another search online and found:

Laptop Lunches Logo

I'm so excited!  I ordered two bento boxes like this:

Spinach Salad with Grilled Asparagus, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Fresh Cherries, Peach Bread

Okay, but WITHOUT the food!   And like this:

Sundried Tomato Hummus, Trail Mix, Pita Chips, Carrot Sticks, Pluot Halves

...and the little containers come with lids, and they also come in a rectangular lunchbox that closes.

I can't wait to use them this week!  Plus the company sent along a free recipe e-book... well, I thought it was a recipe book until I opened it.  It is actually an e-book organized by season, full of photos like those two above, listing the ingredients in each photo.  So while it is not exactly RECIPES it is INSPIRATION!  And I love it, too!

I'll let you know if they are as practical as they are CUTE!!

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  1. HI Lori! Thanks for your kind compliments on my blog! I like your attitude about creativity too-I am passionate about sharing my ideas and inspiring others to get creative even if they don't think they can decorate! Take care, Kristina@ReMadeSimple


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