Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduation Party Invites

Okay, onto the fun stuff.  
Here is a picture of the front of our invitation:

I booked our church hall.  Yes, a big room!  My husband wanted to have it at a local restaurant, but the place he wanted is run by a very disorganized person ( of our kids works for him, so we know how disorganized he is...) so after numerous attempts to get pricing from him, we found out we were able to book the church.  Hooray!  

And I booked a DJ.  YES!  I can't believe it!  We might be the only people in the big hall, but we will be rocking out!  We are also going to have Karaoke, and I am working on a slideshow of pictures of our son. 

For the Save-the-Date notice, I send those out electronically through Punchbowl.   

Next, Invitations - for the college graduation announcements, get this - for 50 announcements the cost is $140!!!  Wow!  We received several of these announcement cards in the mail from friends whose children are graduating college.  What a bundle!  This was completely out of the question for us.  

So, after trying Snapfish, which had nice invites but were still too costly, I went to VistaPrint.  I've ordered business cards from them several times, and calendars and a few other things.  They have been reliable for me.  
What I ended up doing is ordering 100 glossy finish POSTCARDS (plus envelopes) for $25, then I paid about $11 in s&h, which I thought was a bit much, but SO much more affordable than the formal announcements.  

You can see what the front looks like in the photo above. Yes, my son looks like his eyes are closed.  :)  We always tease him about that.  Plus this picture is actually from his Senior Prom!  But he's been sporting such a raggety beard over the past few years that I couldn't find a good picture of him.  Of course, he JUST shaved and got his hair cut last week when he came to visit, but I had already ordered these...  <grin>

I whited out the address and contact information on the front of the invites for the blog, but I could also put anything I wanted on the back so I put the pertinent details there as well and also wrote, 
"Please join us for good food, good music, and great company!"

So about 6 days ago I ordered them, and they should be delivered either tomorrow or Saturday.  I will get them in the mail asap.  I hope they look as good as I think...  

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

...from Lori@Kitchenfunk

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