Saturday, May 28, 2011

Party Planning Link!

I know I mentioned I'm anxious about the party, and I can tell its definitely still impacting me, because I haven't been sleeping well.  

Okay, part of it might be that they are doing layoffs at my new job... but I KNOW that 90% of it is this event.

I spent last night pinning party ideas to my new Pinterest bulletin boards. 

You've never heard of Pinterest?  
I'm not surprised; I just heard about it myself, but I LOVE it!  

Now, at first glance it might appear confusing, but bear with me.  It is literally a bulletin board for the web - a VERY easy way to BOOKMARK websites you like. 

This first screen shot, below, is a shot of pictures I've saved, and pictures saved by "friends" (similar to facebook friends). 
This next screen shot is of my own bulletin boards...

You can see that I have a LOT of graduation boards that I have pinned pictures to.  Some of my boards include "Graduation Cakes", "Graduation Party Table Decor", and "Graduation Party Food Ideas".  

So every time I find something on a website that I love, I click on a picture and use my "pin" button to post it on the bulletin board.  

Later, I just go to my Pinterest board and click on one of the pictures to go to the website where it was found. The picture at the top of my blog today is a detail of my food ideas for the party.

I like this better than bookmarks, because honestly, my bookmarks are overloaded!!  Besides, with Pinterest you can GROUP things and refer to them by SIGHT! 

Now, one thing is that you need an invitation to join.  I didn't know anyone on the site, so it prompted me to friend someone (it gave me names to choose from, presumably from people who work there) - and I ended up on waiting list until I was approved.  

If you are interested in joining, I have spots I can still use for invitations, so if you'd like to join, respond to this post (make sure you have an email address listed so I write back to you.  

* * * * * * * * * * *
I received the invitations today!  Our youngest daughter put them in the envelopes and I bought the stamps, so tonight I'm going to print out the labels and get them in the mail tomorrow.  

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

...from Lori @Kitchenfunk

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