Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Craft Room Chaos/Organizing

Wouldn't you love to have a craft supply area like this?

This beautiful wall is from Kerry's Craft Blog which is at

I currently don't have a room solely dedicated to arts & crafts. My sewing machine is in my family room.  And I like that I can sew with everyone in the room. However, I can DEFINITELY use some organizing, because I have craft supplies everywhere.

I have a chest of drawers I pulled out of someone's trash, and I store things there. I have an old china closet that I've set up to hold supplies.

So I am blessed to have a place to keep things. But wouldn't you like to be THIS organized:

This is from Anne Beale at MUKIBUG, and she details that she made this wall above this desk by using ventilation sheet metal, so that all of the items have magnets on them and can be off of the desktop and ready for use!  Go to her site to see the details!

Now I know that both of these ladies work mostly in paper crafts, but this doesn't mean that sewers can't adapt their stashes in a similar way...  Or is it just me who has to have her finger into ten different creative endeavors at once??

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

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