Monday, March 14, 2011

3 Rules to Live by for Crafters

With the addition of my new permanent full-time job (yay, Thank God), my family's schedule, and my desire to craft, I have been thrust into a point in life where I've had to make note:

In the past when I thought I didn't have time to CLEAN MY HOUSE... I was wrong.

NOW I really don't have time!!

This has brought to my attention the need to reconfigure some things around my house...

FIRST: WHATEVER crafting you are doing - even if you have many craft interests - ALL supplies should be kept in the same room. In the same area. Because whatever you are doing, if the supplies are in different parts of the house and you find you are guilty of starting more than one project at a time (ADMIT IT, you ARE!!), then you will have messy craft supplies strewn about the house...

SECOND: If at all possible, keep those craft supplies close to the FAMILY room, so when someone is on the computer, another person is watching tv, and another person is reading, you can craft and BE WITH YOUR FAMILY!!
THIRD: Even if it means tossing supplies into multiple boxes (without neatly putting them away) you really should put your supplies away (in some form of "away") when you are done for the night (or day). This is because you KNOW you will start another project (refer to FIRST RULE) and suddenly without you realizing it, three days will have passed and there will be NO AVAILABLE space on your craft table, your coffee table, and the couch...

And if you think I made these rules up
because of personal experience,
you are exactly right!!

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!


  1. Lori - great tips, very true. Take it from another mom who went back to work full-time and now has yarn and other crafting supplies all over the house. Stay-at-home moms, treasure the time you have at home!

  2. Hear! Hear! Jennie, you are so right!


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