Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Food Party

Peas & Crayons hosts a link party called "What I Ate Wednesday"
and today is my first day participating.

Naturally I didn't remember to take pictures all day at work ,
so I only have my dinner tonight.

I took this photo of my dinner after I ate.
Yes, that's right - I forgot.
But still, this is the leftover won-ton soup I had.

It was only 15 minutes later!
It is in a bowl that I painted at my local Color-Me-Mine studio.
That is a rooster in the bottom of the bowl.

I had a salad.
It really looked this good even though I didn't take this photo, lol.
Its from "free clips" from Microsoft.

And we ate Italian bread with our dinner.
Slathered with butter. My photo again.

Did I tell you I started a diet with a team of people from my office?

I can say to my credit that when I was buying the bread I walked RIGHT BY the buy one-get one free Entenmann's display of chocolate donuts.

Finally, while I did have a cup of coffee this morning, for the remainder of the day I drank tea. I usually drink tea but at work the coffee scent just wafts out of the break room, which is right by my office. With tea I don't use cream or sugar.
Okay, sometimes one sugar or two if I want to feel like I'm snacking,
but not usually 'cause I just like it plain.
So that is my "What I Ate Wednesday" contribution!

I'm hoping this will make me become more aware of what I'm eating and its affect on me.

I'm also hoping this will make me watch what I EAT!! ;-)

Click on over to the party and join in!

I hope you get to do something creative today!


  1. you made the bowl? so flipping awesome! and once you get the hang of WIAW you'll be photographing food before you even take the first bite! =) hehe!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. :-) Thanks for the confidence, Jenn! I did pretty well today with better eating, though I did eat more than I had planned. I went out and there were these tempting teeny tiny dessert-bites and I couldn't stop at just one... I'll be back for another go next week!

  3. I added ya to my friday feature! <3 yayyy for sure do this again!


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