Monday, March 21, 2011

Garden Planning for 2011

I have been musing over my garden for the 2011 summer season. I had been considering moving it from one side of my yard to another, and now I'm not sure I should for several reasons. I won't go into that now... because I am even more interested in deciding what I should plant this year!
I know I don't need four cucumber plants. That was just WAY too many. Even giving them away I made jars and jars of pickles and there are too many for us to eat...
I also know that we loved the peppers,
even though we had TWELVE pepper plants!
Six were Sweet Banana Peppers and six were Bell Peppers.
We made the most delicious salsa with our tomatoes and peppers,
and we are still enjoying it today! We bought a few extra hotties from the farmer's market to add the HOT STUFF to the salsa, because ours was too mild.
But it ended up sooooo good.

And fresh peppers roasted in the oven... mmmm.

I am off to sketch out this year's garden.

Last year we joined Triscuit's Home Farming plan. I'm doing the same thing this year. It was a fun way to be a part of a gardening community, since I live out in the burbs and not everyone gardens.
Yes, I said Triscruit. The crispy wafer! :-) Boy that word looks like I spelled it wrong.
Anyway, I'm off to sketch out my garden!!

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

...from Lori at Kitchenfunk


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