Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rice Cooker Dessert Success!

For some reason, fruits seem to cook best in my little rice cooker. The other fruit recipe I've made was with apples. Though I must admit that I have found out that if I add extra water to my rice recipe, then that comes out great as well.

This sweet dessert recipe is simple, and old. I made this years ago on the stove top, and I pulled it out again because I wanted to see how it would work in the rice cooker.

Poached Pears, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Chocolate Sauce

2 pears, peeled and cut into quarters. I use the hardest pears I can find. I like them tart.
2 1/2 cups of water
3/4 cup of white sugar

Cinnamon to taste!

Place all ingredients in the Rice Cooker and turn it on. Allow the rice cooker to work its magic...

While it is working, melt some chocolate chips in the microwave (or you could use pre-made syrup).

When it is done, the peaches should be soft but not mushy (NOT falling apart), and the water should be syrupy. Delicious!

Place a small scoop of ice cream into a bowl, place some of the peaches beside the ice cream, scooping the syrup into the bowl as well, and then drizzle the entire thing with chocolate!

I had forgotten how amazing this was! Again, I'm still not sold on my rice cooker, because frankly it didn't do anything for me that my stovetop doesn't do... but it was fun to give it a try.

You can tell I'm not one to give up on something, can't you? lol

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

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  1. Yummy!!!!!I'm hosting my first Linky party and would love for you to submit to it!

  2. Thank you for the invitation, Kelly, I did it!


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