Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Big Party!

We finally had that graduation party I was so very worried about!  It was amazing, we felt so much love.  Our very favorite family members were able to come, and though we missed the others, we had some wonderful friends come out who have touched the life of our son over the course of his life.  I'm just posting a few pictures here for today.  I will give a pattern for the water-bottle labels in my next post, if anyone is interested in them. 
These were the personalized water bottles we made - well, we re-wrapped with a new label - We didn't get a picture of it, but on the other sides of the bottles from the school logo, we wrote things like, "Congratulations, George!" These were really cute, everyone commented on them.
 Because I was making all of the other food, we ordered a cake from Costco.  Yes, I know my son was graduating from college, but his college mascot is a DRAGON and his major was ANIMATION, so how perfectly cute was this?  He loved it! (He's got a great sense of humor)
 Here is a picture of one of our mini-shrines we arranged for him.  

And finally, this is a very poor picture of the centerpieces we made for the party.  They really looked great, but again, I didn't think to take pictures before the party started, so I am left cropping what someone else took!  :)  But we had a blast so that's just fine.  The food got rave reviews (someone even today asked me for a recipe) and we danced the night away...

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!  Have a happy Monday!

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