Thursday, June 23, 2011

So that's what cleaning looks like...

I admit it, I have had a lazy week.  
I did some digging, some painting, & some eating.
I wish I could say I have been more productive.  
But look, I DID do things.  

I ate lots of raspberries from our back yard.  AMAZINGLY delicious!

I just didn't stay busy for EVERY SECOND!

I worked in my garden.  A lot.  I LOVE my garden.  I swore this year we would have an even bigger garden, but we were too busy planning for G's graduation from COLLEGE so we tilled the same size we had last year.  We did change some things around, and its pretty big anyway, but with a garden, bigger is better!
Here is some basil.   I have a few herbs.  

My banana peppers have got a little blight, 
but the green peppers look great.  
And the tomatoes!  We planted less this year - only four.  They are HUGE already!  
We also have zucchini, cukes, watermelon, string beans, ... um.  I am drawing a blank.  Oh!  We have LOTS of peppers.  The kids and I LOVE peppers.  

So I will keep you posted on the garden.  

However, I've also been working on another project.  This was from someone's trash, and previously I had cleaned it, left it that faded yellow color and used it.  But we left it under a pile of junk this winter, so it needed to be cleaned.  It really isn't the prettiest table ever, but I just cannot stand to see something perfectly good get thrown in the trash.  And believe me, this table, lounge, and 4 chairs are so sturdy that they could survive a house falling on them.

 So I washed it.

And scrubbed it. Look at that!  Hmmm... so that's what cleaning looks like...

And painted it with a plastic-perfect Krylon paint that was brown with gold flecks.  I wanted a granite shade with flecks but it wasn't sold at the store where I shopped.  The table has a granite-like texture on it.

I also thought of using a lighter brown but it was formulated for plastic and I didn't want to take the chance that any chipping would occur.  
What do you think?  See what I meant about the granite-like texture of the plastic?
Can you see the gold flecks??  
And oh, I also painted the basket.  
Trying to get out some Independence Day Decorations!  

...there will be more to come about this big ole table! 

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!!


  1. So jealous of your wonderful garden. How awesome..
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments.
    Have a fantastic night.

  2. wish i had a green thumb. i can't keep plants alive to save my life ;)
    giveaway time with shabby apple...


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