Friday, June 17, 2011

Wall Art: Personalized Names using Photographs

I know I have not been putting too much work up here on the site, and I promise I've been creating, AND I'm will post them soon!  But tonight I'm going to post another site that I enjoy, and there is a great project that I would like you to see. 

The site is full of great ideas... I mean, it is FULL of Great Ideas!  

The author is Stephanie, a mom of two, and she has lots of great ideas, but I would like to show you a GREAT gift idea that she created.  I'm sure you've seen them for lots of $$$$  in stores. 

Isn't that professional looking?  

Stephanie gives great instructions (she has lots of great tutorials on her site) on how to do this project.  And the cost??   
Only $2.50 for the 12X12 size!! 

What a great project!!  I have ALWAYS loved these collages in stores but never wanted to spend the very costly amount of money needed.  

You need to check out her post HERE.  

(Did I mention you can make this for just $2.50 for the 12X12 size!!)  

Stephanie doesn't take the photos herself, but uses photos from Flikr taken by Leo Reynolds. She gives the links on her site.  Leo Reynolds photos on are open for shared use with very generous parameters (something you need to check into every time you use someone else's photos).  He allows use with attribution. 

Also, check out this site if you need help finding the letters you like - you type in the name you want and it gives you suggestions from Flikr.  But again, I would check on the license for using those images. 

I am certainly going to create some of these myself and when I do, I will post them here.   

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!!!  

xoxo Lori@Kitchenfunk...

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