Monday, July 11, 2011

What to do...

I have been so busy working on projects that have been learning opportunities 

(ie, big fat failures) 

that I don't really want to post them tonight.  I do have some successes, but the main thing I have been working on is designing and creating a shirt for myself, without a pattern.  

Why without a pattern?  You might ask... 
Well, I really have no idea anymore!

At first it was because I just hate to read patterns. 

But now I'm thinking PATTERNS are starting to look pretty good!   

 I made one that I knew wouldn't be able to be worn, but after the facing came out so nicely, I was disappointed that I made it from a junky, dirty old sheet!  Because really, no matter how nice it comes out, it still looks like a sheet!  LOL

and here...

then another - which I sewed, then cut, then sewed, all trying to avoid making those facings that I made so well in the Sheet-Shirt (above) - mostly because, I think, I wanted to just get one DONE!  And WEAR IT!  Have you ever felt that way?  Sure you have. No comments about this fabric pattern.  

And finally, tonight, I started a third.  I was doing some interesting things, and I think it is going to really look nice when it is complete...

But at this moment I am fairly certain that it won't fit me!  so basically I'm making a dress for my daughter, lol. And I still don't have a new shirt that I like!

So that's it.  I've been making LOTS of zippered pouches, which I love, but haven't posted yet.  I really should, because EVERYONE should make them - they give me such a sense of accomplishment.  They are so cute and useful, too!

Have a great day, and as always,

I hope you get the chance to get creative today!

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  1. Mom's will power can fix anything whether with or without pattern or instructions manual...cos' mom simply know everything! Keep it up! Cheering for your will power here!


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