Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Shower Gift

Now this was a fun project!
Talk about EASY!!

As soon as I saw these baby burb rags on Homemade by Jill,
I knew I had to make them:

This photo is from Homemade by Jill

There is a woman at work who is expecting her second child.
Her first child is a little boy and this one is to be a girl,
so our department is planning a pink
baby shower full of girly stuff.

I just loved these fuzzy little ends on these burp rags.
And they were so simple to make!

First I copied the pattern.
I just hand drew it,
but she DOES offer a free pattern!

I cut out the batting when I cut out the fabric -
(I used Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting)

Then I sewed around the edges about a half inch, and across the center, and finally, pulling back the fabric, I just cut the batting that was outside the edges.

If you follow her simple tutorial, you won't have a single problem.

Then I made cuts in the fabric that was left on the edges,
about 1/4 inch apart, and then I washed it - and ta da!

That adorable edging!

You can see in the photo above what the burpee
looks like BEFORE it is washed...

In addition, I found ANOTHER great tutorial for a
different style of really cute burp rags on this site:

See, aren't they great looking??

This photo for these adorable burp rags is from See Kate Sew

Her tutorial is also very simple,
and her idea for packaging them is adorable!

Here is my take on her project...

And you can find a free printable for a label on her site.
(I didn't use it but you might like to! - I was out of colored ink...)

Won't this be a great gift?

I'm so excited to give it to my co-worker!

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

...from Lori @ Kitchenfunk

Bubbly Nature


  1. so cute! I love the pin can! thanks for mentioning my blog :)

  2. Kate, your blog is so full of great things - you are so creative! ~Lori


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