Thursday, April 21, 2011

Choices, choices...

For my new kitchen:
Rachel Ray Cookware in Green Enamel ...
Gorgeous but so expensive!
Sadly, I have heard that the enamel scratches fairly easily.
The lowest I've found it was around $140.
This photo was from Squiddoo.

Paula Deen Cookware in Blue Enamel...
And again, so gorgeous yet so pricey!
Photo from K-Mart's website.
I haven't found it any less than $119.

This is Calphalon Cookware.
Its very costly, around $200 for this 10 piece set
(this picture is from Amazon),
but I see it recommended in so many places.

I am currently waiting for my construction to begin on my kitchen. For 2 weeks I've had everything in boxes and I've got my new appliances in place.

However, I am so worried about taking the best care of my new glass-topped stove that I have banished all the cookware from our house except for the extra big flat bottomed pot my mom gave me a few years ago, and a frying pan I just bought out of desperation.

The set of pots and pans I had was very nice. Unfortunately the bottom of the pans was grooved and the sides were rounded, and I was paranoid that that would scratch the stove top. And the other pots I had were glass, which I've heard also can scratch the stove top. So now I'm on the hunt for a new set of cookware. I had NO IDEA they were so expensive!!! I might just have to break down, though.

Any thoughts will be appreciated!

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

...from Lori @ Kitchenfunk


  1. Lori, I have had a set similar to the third one you pictured. I bought it at Sam's Club for a reasonable price. But the best part is that it has lasted a very long time...I would say almost 10 years. I love my set. The Teflon coating never scratched off and it has held up very well. Def worth the money. What I am getting at...check out Sam's Club or a club like that (I think there are a couple different ones).

  2. Rhonda, Thanks so much for the input. I will definitely look there! ~Lori


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