Friday, April 8, 2011

Excited to clean my house!

Oh my goodness is it pitiful when you are
happy to be able to clean your stove??

THIS is clean!

This photo was taken just a week or so after we bought it...
Just a little grimy!
You wouldn't want to see it now!

The past several months have gone by so quickly, and my house is suffering for it. You have to dodge around things when you walk, or you are likely to trip over them. Compounding the daily drop and run is the fact that we are in a state of static in our kitchen/living room remodel. We have just NOT had time.

So my living room is full of boxes, and I have metal shelves and crates all over the kitchen & living room full of stuff from my cupboards. What a mess!

But this weekend I get to spend some time with my two youngest peanuts...
They have an open schedule for once. I can't wait!

I also have a secret schedule for this weekend...
And while I won't be talking about it here (it IS a secret),
I'm happy to make cleaning my new stove
a part of my weekend, because it is self-cleaning.

I'm not Jewish, but it even has a Shabat setting. How cool is that?

Well, what are YOU doing this weekend? Are you cleaning your stove? Are you doing something magical?

I hope you get to do something creative today!

...from Lori @ Kitchenfunk


  1. What in the world is a Shabat setting? I realize this might a super dumb question but inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Its not dumb, Rhonda! I realized after I posted it that my oven's instruction book called it Sabbath, like Christians, but Shabat is the Jewish word for Sabbath. And depending on the type of practice (like Christianity with Protestants, Catholics, etc) then you may belong to a church/synagogue that does not like you to work on Sundays, and turning on/off electricity or even cooking can be an issue. So once you put it into Sabbath mode, the oven can't be turned on/off on the holy day. Plus there are some other things the stove is set to do to help people be able to observe special days. Very cool!

  3. Lori, I couldn't find an email for you--but thanks for stopping by my blog--I think you're is super cute!


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