Friday, January 28, 2011

Kitchen Renovation

I wrote in my profile that I am NOT a decorator.

However, I am now faced with a daunting task:
I have an empty room (scary!) that needs to be renovated kitchen!
I am pretty timid when it comes to my walls, and it is only recently - since I've become a reader of some amazing decorating and craft blogs - that I've dared to do some decorating in my home. It is already looking better!

But today I need help with more than walls. I need to configure an entire room! We had a small wall separating a small galley kitchen from a parlor. I knew I wanted to tear that wall down. So when I was out of town with my family last week, my hubby tore it down and put up a joist and basically created a huge empty space! I thought I had some ideas set in my mind, but now that its here I can honestly say I have too many ideas to choose from! I can put the kitchen appliances anywhere I want, but I do need to have the sink on one of two walls. So other than allowing for doors and windows, anything goes!


Pictures to come...

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