Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spare Paint

Whooo has some spare paint? I am NOT a painter who has experience painting whimsical things, but I have had some fun with this little guy!

My gift for Steph
You know how sometimes in the evening you turn on the TV and just vegetate in from of it? I'm not really able to do that without having some activity or craft to do (I have been known to read a book while watching TV). And I don't have cable, much to my hubby's chagrin during football season! But I do love a good show and getting comfy on the couch.

So sometimes this winter when I didn't have a project or an activity at the kid's schools, I pulled out my paints. This winter my friend's daughter was having a baby, and I knew my friend was preparing a room at her home for the grandbaby. I decided to paint her a picture. Because she collects owls I decided to make my own owl for her. Above is the picture I painted. I wish the photo showed more of the details.

The baby is beautiful. She has a cleft lip but her parents and grandparents are so proud and supportive, and the baby is getting the medical attention she needs. I hope my owl helps make her room at her grandmother's house a happy place!

Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, I have some more owls but I will post them when I take a better picture. Painting this owl got me on an OWL kick!

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