Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple No-Sew Puppets and Puppet Stage

Yesterday my youngest daughters joined me recreating something they did when they were little. We made puppets and a puppet stage. We are going to give it to my youngest niece for her birthday. We aren't done yet but here are very simple instructions for you to get your own Puppet Show started!

We started with three stuffed animals, though for some reason we didn't take a picture of the third one. He is a polar bear. Aren't they cute?

You will need some scissors and maybe a seam ripper.
The first step is to turn your stuffed animal over and cut out the bottom seam. Don't worry, the animal will probably get more use as a puppet!

Make sure you remove the stuffing from every area inside the stuffed animal. Also, depending on the ages of your children, you will want to check the steadfastness of its eyes or nose or any attached decorations.
Its that easy. Once the stuffing is out, you are done!

Next we worked on the polar bear...

It was fun; they're so cute.

Here are two of our puppets in repose:

Next you'll need a stage. This part even more simple than the puppets. You will need a curtain. Yup, a curtain. You can find one in your closet or if you need to, just stitch up a sheet so that it has a rod pocket. Next you will need a spring rod.

From Country Curtains

From Target

I know it sounds like you are putting up curtains on a window, but you aren't.

You will be putting the curtain up in a doorway! Just use the bottom of the cafe curtains. That is your stage. Make sure it is tight so that any exuberant little puppeteers have less chance to pull down the stage.

And you're done! That's it.
You probably have a great supply of puppets and you didn't even know it!

I hope you have a chance to do something creative today!


  1. What a clever idea!! We have a bunch of stuffed animals that we were going to get rid of since the kids dont seem to play with them. They are going to love them as puppets

  2. I'm so glad to hear that! They are always so cute but it gets to the point where you've just got too many... I hope the kids have a blast with them! ~Lori

  3. Hey can you do a youtube video of this?!


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