Friday, January 7, 2011

My Birthday!

Hello!  Today is my birthday, but I just got home from work and everyone is gone!  But far from being sad I feel happy.  My sweet husband is very shy, and doesn't like to volunteer anywhere he'll be the center of attention.  But it was brought to his attention that the music teacher at our middle school needed to have 18 guitars tuned and the remainder of them fixed or pulled for parts.  That's where he is!  He didn't want to go on my birthday but each time over the past 3 weeks he made plans to do it, something happened.  First it was the car.  Then it was the truck.  Then it was a sick child he had to take to the doctor.  Finally he was able to get there today - good thing because the music teacher is starting the next lesson on Monday! 

I feel so glad for him because this is a place he can use his talents and not be the center of attention.  There are a few other things he does to volunteer, but he wanted to do more. 


 I have recently done a number of projects that I can't wait to post here, but because its my birthday I'm going to put up some pictures of a few of my favorite things.  

Our kids - yes, they're all taller than I am!

~Baking on Thanksgiving Weekend~

Mommy's Angels on a winter hike  

Have a great day! 

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