Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking for ideas for favors!

Yum! (Well, except for the Reese's, since I'm allergic to it)

I need some ideas for items to give as favors for instructional speakers.

I am hoping that I can search online and find some, but I'm also going to ask here.

We are giving them mugs from our organization, and my director suggested matching pens, and maybe post-it notes. But come-on, I can't really give that out!

I want them to have more pizazz!

Does anyone have any suggestions? They can be either things I can buy cheaply, or make creatively.
We do live near Hershey, PA, but so do many of our speakers, so I don't want to go with chocolate. Though I may end up doing that, since it is so universally loved!

Does anyone have any ideas?

Our youngest child turned had a birthday today! Happy Birthday, honey!! We have had a nice evening and we're going to snuggle and watch a movie together. While I didn't actually get a chance to craft today, I honestly designed 2 projects while I was driving home from work! Conceptual creativity counts, as long as you put it into practice before too long!

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

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