Sunday, February 13, 2011

This week I was given the honor of The Versatile Blogger award from Melanie at YouMadeThat. Thank you, Melanie!!

Check out her site to see some fun crafts and activities. Also, check out this page of her site to see the blogs that she highlighted. The nice thing about this award is that it introduces you to blogs you might not ever have seen before. Below I have highlighted some blogs that I have recently found and am enjoying.

I would love to be able to participate in this award, because I love finding new crafty ideas and seeing people's amazing creativity! However, you won't find the award here because one of the requirements is to give the award to 15 new-found bloggers, and this is a harder challenge than I thought! Finding 15 is not hard, but deciding which 15 to highlight is the challenge! So I'm going to pass (so I won't be able to put the award up on my site) but I am going to put up part of the requirements...

The first rule to accepting the award is to list seven random facts about me...

1. I adore bracelets... though I haven't made one since I was 14. Shame on me! I think I will have to fix this.

I am deathly allergic to peanuts (airborne and ingested) so flying is a challenge, and if you eat it for lunch you will need to wash your hands and face before you come over to my desk at work!

3. I HATE lemon flavor cakes or candy.

4. I enjoy listening to books on tape when I drive in the car for long distances.

5. I am allergic to dogs and cats but I have 2 dogs and 3 cats (and 2 very old gerbils!)

6. When I was camping as a kid my Dad and I caught bullfrogs and made our own frog-legs. They aren't as gross as you might think, but they're not as good as the French would have us believe...

7. I have my degree in Art History and my favorite art period is the early 20th century...

Now you know! I've gone over my limit of time on the computer this afternoon - I limited myself to one hour, so that I could have time this afternoon to finish some crafts I'm working on - so I'm rushing off to finish sewing some pajama shorts for my two youngest girls.

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

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