Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Machine quilted greeting cards!

Some details...

Since I spent the weekend making a quick attempt at relearning Photoshop (here) and my photographs of the rest of the crafts that I did complete have to be retaken, I thought I would take a break from fighting with (I mean sewing) that bed jacket I am trying to make for my mom.

Okay, I admit I took a break earlier and I made these:

I got the idea from the blog MADE, when the project(s) I was working on weren't coming together well.

You can check it out here by looking for her posts on Quilted Heart Notecards:

And I had to fight for computer time so I couldn't spend time working on Photoshop!

Below is a small lunch bag that I painted the other day and sewed random lines and shapes on it. I did this before I saw the post about the cards, so it was kismet!

Well, what I got on here to say was that since my crafting and photography haven't been going so well, you should check out these two links for tips on Photoshop:

One post, Lifehacker, is something I already subscribe to, so I was excited to see the article about Photoshop in my in-box.

This link:

will take you to a post on HTML by a blogger I follow.

I hope you get a chance to be creative today!


  1. Hello! I have enjoyed reading your blog and
    have chosen you to receive The versatile Blogger award. The instructions are on my blog. Please let me know if you accept! Thanks!


  2. Thank you, Melanie!! This sounds great! Thanks for including me in the fun!~Lori


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