Thursday, February 17, 2011

May the Moo Be With You!

I ran in to Costco tonight after work. Well, after going out after work with people from work. (I love saying that! Because it means I have a JOB!) Going out was fun. What a great group of people!

Can you guess what I had? White Sangria... yum.
This photo is from the Real Simple website.

(A subscription to which I just WON from a contest held by Tracie at CLEVERLY INSPIRED)

Cleverly Inspired

But WHO "runs" into Costco? I do! I'm one of the few people who can run in and out of there spending less than $100. Though I do admit it can be a challenge!

Tonight I ran in for a few specific things, and I might have accidentally navigated down the home office aisle, and spotted a laminator for $18.99.

I LOVE to laminate things. When I do it, I use Kinko's. This little machine from Costco was less than $20 and included 100 pouches. That means even if it didn't work for more than tonight, it would be worth it!
So I bought the laminator and took my happy self home.
I cut out bunches of scrapbook paper. I'm really not that good at that. But I made a little pocket and a little card to place in it.
I made several.
And then I laminated them!

Stay tuned for some laminating projects! BTW, the laminator company has a blogspot with crafts, which I've linked to up at the top of the page.

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!

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