Sunday, February 20, 2011

Proof that my kitchen is FUN and FUNKY!

Two quick and easy crafts to share:

This first is a very quick trick I did with my $18.99 laminator that I bought last week.

I took a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to the width of the high school lockers. My 16 yr old junior has a locker that she shares with a bunch of her friends. The school is pretty big so they all combine their needs at lockers throughout the school. I made this to be a dry-erase board that they could use to share little hellos throughout the day.

I simply took some alphabet stickers that I found (!) in my craft closet and wrote "smile!" on it, then I laminated it and stuck a piece of magnetic strip onto the back. Done!

Then I took two pieces of the same paper and placed one over the other and laminated them, then I used a straight edge to gently cut open the laminate at the top of the smaller piece of paper, creating a pocket.
Again, a two-minute operation, total. But SO cute.
I used two magnets on the back of the note holder.
Then, while I was talking with a guest at my kitchen table, Dee came to the table with all sorts of craft supplies. She seemed oblivious to the fact that I was at the table with a guest.
She proceeded to put down her sweatshirt and TAKE OFF HER PLAY SHOES...
And, wait for it,

Okay, this was sort of gross. But the finished product was pretty cool. Dee used 6 lengths of embroidery thread and braided herself some new shoe-laces! Though she did put down her sweatshirt to obstensibly "protect' the table.

Here she is looking sweet while she does it... Notice she has tools over the table, along with a glass of milk!!

So this, above, is a quick snapshot of a very small period of the day this weekend. And evidence that my kitchen is full of funk AND fun!

I hope you get the chance to be creative today!
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